How do I book an appointment?

At the top of our website, there is a tab called "Book your session now!" Click that link, and you will be taken to our Acuity Scheduling page, where you will be able to see all of our sessions and sitting fees.

Why is studio availability so limited?

We take pride in producing quality portraits for our clients, and with that, we want to staff our sessions with the best photographers, who unfortunately have limited availability. We are trying our best to keep our studio staffed, especially during the busy season when yearbook deadlines are approaching.

Where are your studio locations?

We currently have a studio space in McLean, VA, and another studio space coming soon in Rockville, MD!

Why can't I book at the Middleburg studio?

Our Middleburg studio is currently undergoing maintenance that prevents us from using the space as a studio for the time being.

I couldn't make it to my appointment. Can I get a refund on my sitting fee?

If you need to cancel or reschedule, a 24 hour notice prior to your session is required. If you cancel within less than 24 hours or don't show for your appointment, you will be ineligible to receive a refund.

What is your affiliation with Victor O'Neill Studio?

Victor O'Neill Studio and Ironlight Studio share the same owner, and our McLean studio space is shared with Victor O'Neill's main office, but apart from that, the two businesses are totally separate. Victor O'Neill Studio is a high-volume, school portrait photography studio, and Ironlight Studio is a private portrait studio, therefore, the pricing, quality, and overall experiences will be much different.

Do you offer family sessions?

At this time, we are only able to offer sessions at our studio space in McLean, VA, which is not large enough to accommodate family sessions. If you reach out regarding family portraits, we do have a list of incredible photographers we would be happy to refer to you.

Why isn't there a phone number for me to call with questions?

Our customer service team is usually available to answer emails at any time, but since we don't currently have a studio space that we can staff daily, we are unable to set up an office number, and giving out our team's personal cell phone numbers, sadly, hasn't gone well in the past.

When will I receive my gallery information?

Gallery info is typically sent within two weeks of your session. If you don't receive your gallery info within two weeks, be sure to check your spam folder. Sometimes the links can trigger the emails to go to spam.

I placed an order. When will I receive it?

We try our best to get all orders, including digital downloads, delivered to our clients within two weeks. The two weeks is to accommodate our retouching process. Please allow at least three weeks from your order date to receive print orders, as the country has been experiencing major delays with shipping carriers.

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